You get what you pay for at Cherry Street Building Supply. I get quality materials every time I go there from staff members that I truly trust. Bigger is not always better when it comes to store size. Look no further for building supplies.


-Phil Spinosa

Cherry Street Building Supply is the best store I have ever made purchases from. They are a building supply store that strives to meet the needs and the expectations of contractors, like myself, or even homeowners. They have a good selection of materials and products, with the absolute best quality around. I will continue conducting my business here.


-Roger Conlogue

The folks over at Cherry Street Building Supply are very professional and courteous. I can’t imagine going to get building supplies from another company. These materials are of high quality and are a great price.


-Sam Smith

Cherry Street Building Supply has the absolute best products around. The material is all strong and reliable and the staff is a bunch of great people who are very helpful. They have been around a long time and their quality supplies and service are the reasons why. I highly recommend them.


-Bruce Hammer

I have been getting supplies at Cherry Street building for quite some time. The staff are always friendly, professional and helpful.


-Charlie Hayes

Cherry Street Building Supply is a top notch company. The quality in their product is very evident and the people there are great. Always a great experience working with them.


-Betty Singleton

Cherry Street Building Supply has excellent materials. They really have the best items around. When I have ordered things from them in the past, the deliveries have always been timely. I’d recommend working with Travis Harris. He is a pleasure to work with and is always on top of everything.


-Jay Gibson

I have been working with Cherry Street Building Supply for quite some time. They have the best materials and the best employees. I highly recommend anyone working with them.


-Mallory Drake

Cherry Street Building Supply is the best place to buy lumber in Culpeper. Best quality at the best price.


-Carol Friend

I have gotten supplies from Cherry Street Building Supply on multiple occasions. They are an honest company. They also help the community in any way that they are able to. It is just the perfect place to go.


-Blair Bass

I have been living in Culpeper for 2 years and been buying my supplies from Lowes until I came across this outfit. I have found them to be knowledgeable, service-oriented, efficient and courteous while having a broader range of items (2x10s that are 16+ ft) than Lowes at comparable or cheaper price! Quite impressed …


-Ahmad Faramarzi